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Event Sponsorships/Partnerships

Event sponsorships are one way to attract people to come to your event. Sponsorships are very common here on the IFC, and VAs are always open and willing to sponsor your event. However, certain ways of asking for your event to be sponsored or promoting your event may not produce the result you want. For new event creators, reading this thread can help you get your event on the map, or even for experienced event creators. to help you get better at creating events. I have created a list to help you out.

1. Don’t Be Pushy
Often times I will see event creators messaging my VA account asking for their event to be sponsored. Often, VAs will directly message you, the event creator, if the VA is interested in sponsoring your event. Also, your title is important. Titles such as SPONSORS NEEDED are a huge no-no, as it is quite disrespectful. The sponsor is not needed, rather it is a wish. My advice for this is to use a title such as Sponsors Appreciated, is it altogether sounds better and is much more respectful.

2. Be Strategic
Often times VAs will only sponsor events that correspond to them. For example, if you wanted Delta Virtual to sponsor your event, consider making your event at one of their hubs (Example: KATL). VAs such as United Virtual won’t sponsor your event in Paris, since it really doesn’t fit for United Virtual. If you want a lot of sponsors, plan somewhere where VAs have hubs.

3. Be Creative and Neat
VAs value the uniqueness and creativity of events. Event threads that are sloppy tell VAs that the event was planned lazily and carelessly. Good threads are clean, contain little to no typos or errors, and have relevant information. Threads with lots of mistakes and errors will probably not get you a sponsorship.

4. Comply with the VAs
VAs, more often then not, do request a thing or two when asking for a sponsorship. This may be a block of reserved gates, or a piece of information in your thread. However, airlines do not usually ask much from you. When talking with VAs and their representatives, be respectful. This will give you a good reputation within the VA, and trust me, that can go a long way. VAs may sponsor more of your events or even offer you a staff position. Staying professional and mature when chatting with VAs can go a long way.

Anyways, I hope you found this useful.
Thanks for reading!


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Nice “guide!”
Wasn’t sure how to word it…


Great for people who put “Looking for sponsors” just chill people will sponsor if they want to! ;)

Good Job!


Appreciate your kind words!

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Also, suggesting to not use the word sponsor for events.

“Partnered with” is a better use

Sponsor means that there was an exchange of services or goods for something in return, and unless you’re being paid for a sponsorship, well then it’s incorrect


Meta is correct. 😉


This is actually a very good guide! The first little tip could do a lot to get your event up.

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this is a very useful tutorial and guide for anyone. Good guide! ;)


Thanks for your kind words!

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Very useful here. Thanks, and good job!

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Relationship building?

  1. Don’t use the word sponsor unless money has been exchanged.

Use “Partnership.”

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I think it is okay to ask for sponsorship if you politely ask, explain everything and show the flights (if applicable), and if they don’t respond or deny - then so be it.

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I’m trying to get sponsorships for an event in planning for my birthday on June 14 KBOS and it’s hard lol

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