Hello, Im looking to sharpen more of my tower skills. If anyone could please join in and rate how I’ve done I’d greatly appreciate it even if its good/bad.

Airport: N/A
Server: Training Server
Active runways: N/A

Point of focus: ALL ASPECTS (pattern work included)

Status: CLOSED


I’ll stop by

I’ll stop by

Feedback ~ M-ONEY

  • Transition was a bit too high for my liking. The transition should be calculated by adding +2500 to the airport elevation which was 800 (rounded down) this equals to 3200 and you round that up to the nearest 500 and you get 3500.
  • I requested inbound and you put me to 28R and said enter right base. 28L would have been better and you should have said enter left downwind instead.
  • No need to tell me to enter right base twice. I stayed on right downwind for spacing with OK-HAI.
  • When you cleared me you just said “Number 1 cleared for the option” you should have also told me to make right traffic as I had just entered the pattern.
  • Runway change was spot on.
  • Same issue with the clearance, you should have told me to make left traffic as I had just began a new pattern with a new runway.
  • I requested departure to the west, but the frequency change was very late. I had to ask for it.

That’s all from me, I did see a few other mistakes but they were for the other pilots and I hope they managed to get them

Thanks for having me!

I do recommend you watch this tutorial by Tyler (ATC manager) where he shows the basic stuff you need to know/do to prepare yourself for the practical exam:

Feel free to tag me next time you open!

From my experience, you never want to round down on transition altitudes. It is always recommended for one to raise the altitude rather than lower it. In this case, because the elevation is 800’ AGL, you’re looking at a transition at or above 3500’ MSL.

During my training, I’ve discovered that anything from 0’-49’ AGL in elevation is good for a 2500’ MSL transition, 50’-500’ AGL elevations should get a 3000’ MSL transition and so forth.

TL;DR always round up with transition altitudes or you can very easily get conflicts by pilot error or failure to expedite.


Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

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I guess that’s ok. But the transition should be 1000ft above the pattern alt. In this case the pattern alt was 2300 or 2000 rounded down so plus 1000 and that’s 3000. But yes 3500 would work it’s just 4500 was too high.


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you stopping by :)

Precisely so. There’s quite literally a range of altitudes which work best for transitions and ngl, 800’ AGL elevation is a very awkward one to find the sweet spot for a transitional altitude. Either way though, best to go a little higher (though not too high :P)


Here’s the link from the ATC manual if your confused about transitions:

Thanks, my basic understanding of downwind positions are to where if you are constantly going to be going right… Your on the right traffic. Vice versa for the opposite direction. Is that correct?

Hey there! You did good, just a few mistakes to work on.

  • The transition altitude should’ve been 3,500 feet not 2,000 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, KCMH’s airport altitude is about 650 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

See here for more info:

  • The enter right base command that was given to me for runway 28R after I called inbound for touch and go was and the enter left base command given to ZA-VKK was unnecessary. As a pilot, it’s their job to fly the pattern.

  • You forgot to give me after the option make left/right traffic on my first cleared for the option command. This is key, and can’t be forgotten when someone calls inbound for touch and go. So an example is let’s say I’m flying patterns at an airport on runway 22. And I want to switch to runway 15. So, you would first give me a pattern entry for runway 15. Next, you would give me what aircraft I’m following (If there’s traffic going to land on that runway.) If I’m the only one for that runway. You can just give me number 1. Next you would select cleared for the option. And then you’ll see after the option make left or right traffic. So then it’s your choice to either give me left or right traffic.

  • You forgot to sequence me and ZA-VKK a few times. This is also key and can’t be forgotten. So for example, I’m doing pattern work at Columbus on runway 28R and just got finished with my pattern. And someone is on right downwind for runway 28R. So, how it will work is you would click on Sequencing > Number 2 > Traffic to follow is on right downwind.

See here for more information

  • The number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind command given to me was unnecessary. I was on right base and then when you gave me that command, I had to sharply turn to get back on downwind. So in this case, I should’ve been number one as I was close to aligning with the runway and ZA-VKK was on left base.

  • Awesome job with the pattern entry when M-ONEY requested change to runway 28L!

Any other questions regarding ATC, feel free to send me a PM.



To clarify,
3500 is correct.
We round up with transitions.

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Good to know, I scored 100% on my practice ATC Test!! Now I just have to wait 14 days until I can retake the written exam :)


Thank you for clarifying.

@MJP_27 @Collins4486 Do you guys mind testing me again? Im trying to master it before I have to take the practical test

I’ll be there in a little bit

Okay, please message me when you’re ready :)

I’m ready now

What airport? KSAN or KCMH?