Wanna start a VA

Hello Everyone, This is Janmesh. I wanna start a VA but not have any ideas. Anyone wanna help. It would be great!😊

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What would you be looking for ie. what aircraft do you want in your VA, or what country would you want it to be in that might help narrow down a few potential airlines that operate why aircraft or are based in a certain country.

To add on. What airline do you like if you want it yo be a VA. Just make sure to check the status of each one on IFVARB.com

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Well, I checked the website but I’m bit confused. Like CargoLux VA ceased their operations so I can restart.

Yes, you should be able to. On the ifvarb.com site, there’s a VA/VO database and an additional disallowed VAs section. If Cargolux is not on either of those, you’re all good.

Any other ideas. Like any VA that hasn’t been in the community

Please check the active VA list on IFVARB.com.


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