Wanna post in spotting

I want to make a post in the spotting thing but it won’t let me select it. Is there a way I could post it somewhere else or do I have to wait god knows how long for it to be available

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Post it in general then switch the category to RWA

It could be because your not TL2 yet

Oh how fun, I have to wait god knows how long til I can be allowed to post photos.


Doubt that works

Hey! You’re at Trust Level 1 currently. To post in #real-world-aviation:spotting you need to be at TL2. Please review the rules of the category below:


Lol well if your active in the forum and like a lot it might be quicker
Idk @CaptainSooraj is an expert at this you can shoot him a pm

oh would you look at that he alrady he came. See, he is an expert:)

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