Wamos Air livery for the A330-200

There may be a same topic about this, but still…

I want to have the Wamos Air livery On the Airbus A330 and the Boeing 747, if this livery was implemented into infinite flight we could have a new Wamos virtual, And we could do multiple realistic routes, EG Madrid to Miami, so on.

This would be awesome to see in infinite flight and it would be very popular!.

Stay safe everyone ❤️

Hi there! Unfortunately this is a duplicate feature request. Please make sure when making a request to utilize the search feature.

Ok thanks, I’ll know to do that for next time.

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Please follow the guidelines regarding the one request and picture per topic limit, thanks!

And there’s one on the B747 already existing (not the newest one though).

The guidelines can be found here:

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Ok it’s for the A330 now

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Is it an A330-300 or -200?

-200, that’s the plane!
Edit: just realised we dont have this aircraft in IF, dang.

It is good to inform the aircraft variant in the title. Sometimes the photo doesn’t do it justice.

The community’s expectation is that the A330-200 will be added, possibly in the rework of the A330. If so, this topic will be useful.

For me it makes sense to first vote for the aircraft (A332) and then for the livery if it’s not added with the plane.

That’s just my opinian.

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Bumping this. In a specific angle, this livery very well fits with the (especially) -300 variant. Looking forward to see this livery in the next A330 rework ;)

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People gotta have to vote for this one. That’s for sure

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Will definetley vote for it, once an a330 rework is announced (providing that they add the a332)

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