Wamos Air Boeing B747-400

Wamos Air Boeing B747-400 Livery request

Today I’m requesting the Wamos Air Boeing B747-400. The old topic was made in 2016, has 1 vote and no information at all so I decided to make a newer and more updated one.


What is Wamos Air?

Wamos Air is a Spanish Airline that is based out of LEMD (Madrid). It Mainly operates leisure and charter flights, of which several of them are on behalf of Pullmantur Cruises. Wamos Air was founded and Established on the 23rd June 2003, and has only 5 scheduled destinations, of which the rest are all chartered.Their Scheduled destinations are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, and The US. They operate a mere 12 aircraft of 2 types; the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A330-300.

Why do we need this?

For all those out there that have no idea what flight to do, or want to do a certain flight but their aircraft/airline of choice doesn’t operate there, they can fly the pleasure with Wamos Air, because it is a charter airline. This way it wouldn’t be unrealistic to fly routes you really want to do! Wamos Air has a few very interesting destinations, so we can fly to them, with the mighty Jumbo, the 747. Additionally, I really like the livery as it is simple with a splash of green and purple.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that VOTE button on the top left of your screen to show your support and will to have this in the simulator.

Thanks for looking, and as always, see you around!

Love it. You got my vote

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