Wamos Air A330-300

Because of the upcoming A330 rework, I was curious to see which airlines operate the A330-300. So I went onto wikipedia.org and their A330 operator list, and basically, all important airlines that use the A330 already have a request. But one is missing: The Wamos Air A330-343 has not a feature request!

I am sure that if you are a regular user of Flightradar24, you’ve seen Wamos Air already, whether their now retired B747 or one of their A330s. Wamos Air is a charter airline based in Madrid, and mostly operates leisure charter flights for the travel agency that owns Wamos Air. They mostly fly to the Caribbean and other Spanish speaking countries like Mexico. Moreover, they also operate flights to Orlando, but you aren’t limited to that, as the airline operates flights all around the world as charter flights. They have a fleet of 6 A332s, 2 B747s, and one A333. Its registration is EC-NHM. In my opinion, Wamos Air is a major European airline missing its livery in IF, and therefore I think that this is a very good option for a livery!


what a strange name

Voted! I saw this airline a few times in Frankfurt!

I saw their 747 some time ago. coooool