Walt Disney's Personal Aircraft

Walt Disney purchased a Gulfstream 1 (G1) in 1964. The aircraft was used to fly him on scouting missions over Central Florida while looking for the perfect spot to build Walt Disney World. Walt even designed his own seat equipped with an altimeter and airspeed indicator to satisfy his curiosity about flying. An estimated 83,000 passengers have flown aboard the plane, including Disney actors and animators, and several US Presidents. The aircraft’s last flight took place in 1992 when it touched down on World Drive, west of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and was then added to The Backlot Tour. An interesting piece of aviation and Walt Disney World history. (Photo Credit: Disney Avenue)


Very interesting, thank you for sharing!


For a second I thought this was a feature request. But it is interesting indeed :)


Thanks so much for sharing! I didn’t even know Gulfstream made prop planes! ( Northern well Disney actually had a plane and flew 83,000 passengers! )

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Very interesting thanks for sharing it!

Very cool, I especially like that he had a couple of instruments added to his own seat. I wish that every commercial aircraft I’ve been on had the same :-)

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Very cool! I didn’t know the Disney plane was a thing until airlines started creating liveries for it. It’s sad that this plane doesn’t fly anymore, but at least we still have these:



I didn’t know Walt Disney had a plane

This is very interesting! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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