Walmart flyout photos

Today I hosted my first event at KXNA on the Training server. Flights ranged from 30 minutes to 2½ hours. I only have a few photos but more are on the way!

@William_Walker landing from KDEN

The next 3 are from my flight to KDFW

Taking off with an A350 in the background

Using the drone camera over Oklahoma

A landing at KDFW

Here are some pictures from @William_Walker flight to KDEN

Takeoff from KXNA

A turn into somewhere

Cruising while using the drone camera

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More are on the way!


If you were at the event please submit your photos below and I will add them!

I just noticed this, not being mean but I’m pretty sure that’s a Delta A359 in your takeoff photo. Just wanted to give you a heads up

Ok i will fix that. And he was a freelancer. Not signed up

Oh I see. Cheers!

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What’s the Walmart got to do with this?

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Hope you had a nice flight from one of the coolest event names I have seen in a while! That last landing at KDFW is really cool!


@Aniket_Joglekar These where my photos during the flight

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Walmart is headquartered in Bentonville AK


There were some Walmart spots and no one took them. Also they are based there

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Thank you very much

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I will put them in but I have to crop them or else they violate the #screenshots-and-videos rules

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ok, sorry my bad

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