Wallpaper Wednesday!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well.

I apologize for the wait but I’ve been real busy with school and the likes. I also had some difficulty deciding what to do next but I got some ideas, one of which is Wallpaper Wednesday! Today I’ll show you guys some great shots I’ve taken that work well as wallpapers. I also use some of these. These are pretty hot so to avoid being burned don’t get too close to the screen (looking at you @ToasterStroodie). Enjoy :)

Starting out with medium heat, we have a KLM 777-200ER flying from Amsterdam to Mumbai, photo taken over Iraq.

Next is a C172 flying around Courchevel with @SB110 spectating from LiveFlight. This was a fun flight

Getting warmer now we have a TBM parked at SMO preparing for a short hop to PSP, with a little sun flare. You might’ve seen this photo before ;)

Coming up next is a C208 departing TNCM for TFFJ for some fun patterns with ATC. I’ve been flying a lot of GA recently and it’s amazing, 10/10 recommend. Some people think it’s bad until they try it cough cough @ShaneAviation

Next up we have some serious heat, a Qatar A321 and a Qatar A350. This is one of my favorite all time photos of mine, and also my iPad home screen wallpaper.

Another epic shot from the same flight, a cockpit shot. This is my iPad lock screen

I had a go at a phone wallpaper, it’s so-so but it works best with iPhone 5/6/7/8, not sure about the X or 11 series because mmhaha I can’t afford one so yeah.

And I leave you with my favorite 787-8 livery and one of my all time favorites, an Azerbaijan 787-8. Taken on Solo.

That's all for today, folks. If you would like to use one of these as wallpaper without my watermark, please PM me and I'll send ya the non watermarked version. I would post more but I'm saving some for @Thunderbolt's photo comp, so stay tuned for that. Thank you for dropping by! If you have and questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, let me know below.

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Until next time!


You just melted my ice cream, it’s too hot… :(


These pictures have melted my laptop screen. Stunning!


These melted my mind, outstanding job!


These pictures just overheated my phone 😢

Amazing though!

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m e l t

Amazing shots!


Ahahahah thank you @Pingu @ToasterStroodie @nativetoalaska @ZinZowe @Ecoops123 <3


I’m also wondering where that watermark came from 🔥

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my house is on fire thanks❤️


Whoa those photos @Suhas they are amazing, amazing and amazing 💛! Iove them that much I’m speechless 😁👏👏

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Those are phenomenal shots my man!! Absolutely amazing. 😍


Ehh who knows, just appeared at my doorstep one day ;)

@Speedyyy Yw <3 call your local firefighter aka your dog to fix that

@Gliding_Central haha thanks Joshua :D

@Z-Tube Thank thank Zack :)


Holy beautiful photos!

Wow! These are amazing!

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Nice one with the C208 right there

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Thank you Mason!

And yes I’m sure you recognized it @GameBoy_KIRB from my editing topic :)

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Amazing! Nice job ;) @Suhas

Loved the TBM

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Thanks Nico :D

which TBM shot

The one parked on SMO, nice one!

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On no…I’ve looked too close to the screen!!!

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Hmm…I should copy this.

Stay tuned 😉

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