Wallpaper request

Hi, I am requesting a wallpaper in the 16:9 ratio, I would like it to be in a sunset, no military aircraft or propeller, or GA aircraft. It can be taken in real life, or in the game. Once I find someone we can take it to a PM and mods can close.

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If you want a in sim wallpaper then these people might help :)

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Thanks, but I was also looking for irl pictures.

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This is the wallpaper i use for my PC. Quality is low but i ve kept it for so long that i dont want to change it anymore

It’s nice, but I was looking for 16:9

Oh ok, im not so familiar with that lol

Here’s the same picture, but it’s 16:9.

This is in 16:9, and if you want me to take the text out I can

Sry but I was looking for a little darker photos, like with a sunset

This is darker but isn’t a sunset

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