Wallox’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LEPA (Passed Practical)

Good morning everybody,
I would like to practise and learn a bit more my Skills in ATC. So i sort this thread and anybody can come and i can practise and if possible one day becoming ATC. But first of all i need practise.
I would like you to come and give me feedback of What i do wrong.
I will be controlling LEBL, you will have nice views while landing next to the city and the sea.
I hope i dont do it so bad.
Thank you everybody

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On my way PH-ADZ


Some really good stuff there today! If this is the first time you’re controlling to get feedback, then my hopes for you are high! 😊

Here’s some detailed feedback.
I reported inbound from the north somewhere. You first instruction was a pattern entry instruction. Good! You instructed me to enter via right base. An alternative would have been to get me into the pattern via right downwind. See picture below.

Timely clearance for the option, with a takeoff direction. All good.

In the meantime IFAEASIA was doing patterns over the same leg as I, in a TBM.

Two things here:

  1. Sequencing. The TBM and I for a long time were unclear who would be following who. Make sure you give out sequence instruction to number 2, 3 etc as soon as possible to avoid confusion.
  2. Based on the aircraft types and speed, the one in front doesn’t always go first. Here, as shown in the picture it would have made more sense to let me be number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind. Because I was out further, I now had to cross the TBM’s flight path - see below.

Good timely clearance for the option without a takeoff direction. Great.

After I took off again I requested a runway change to 25L. On airports such as these you need to decide how you would move me to the other downwind leg, and thus which flight path you want me to cross; the outbound one for 25L or the inbound one for 25R. Because you already had an aircraft in the right hand leg of the pattern, in this case I would have recommended to instruct me: enter left downwind, runway 25L.

After I reported full-stop, you cleared me for landing. Good stuff.

So there you go my man: some really good stuff in here. Just work on your strategy a bit and make sure you sequence early.

Take care,


Yep i had the doubt when you and the other aircraft where on the same leg. I sequenced you first because i thought that as a fighter you would bé much faster than the other aircraft and you could turn further safely. If i sequenced first the tbm maybe you could be extending more your downwind.
I try to sequenced the airplane when they are in downwind leg. But i take your tip to sequence earlier. I could sequence on upwind? Or should i wait until crosswind?
On the part to change runway to 25L, then is better to cross outbounds than inbound? Ir is better to change left for the other airplane patterning.
Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and i hope to have another sesión to practise more. Thank you a lot again.

Hi! I flew with callsign IFAEASIA.

Sorry,had to end flight because unexpected guest coming, so I only could 1 touch and go, but I have a few feedback for you:)
1 important thing
Here is detailed feedback.


Need to give sequencing instruction if there is another pattern aircraft or inbound aircraft on the same runway to avoid confusion.
In this case;
PH-ADZ,number1,cleared for the option runway 25R. Then give me sequencing instruction. No2 traffic to follow is on right downwind

•When PH-ADZ requested runway change to 25L. You gave him enter right downwind runway 25L. That is correct!!

Just want to say sequencing is controllers best friend so don’t forget to give sequencing instruction if there is another aircraft that inbound for the same runway like this case.

You did very well! Keep up the great work!
Please for give me my poor language.


Dont worry another day we will have more time to practise.
Yep. I will sequence earlier só you can lower your speed earlier and give way to the Other aircraft. Should i had to ask you to maintain lower pràctica speed in order to give way to the Other aircraft more safely or was ok not giving that order.
I will keep in mind to sequence earlier.
Thanks for your feedback and hope to see you again in LEBL :)

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Im now closed.

You sequenced PH-ADZ first was correct, so you could give me No2, traffic to follow is on right downwind before cleared for the option.
And yes, if you gave me No1,cleared for the option first and gave him No2, traffic to follow is on right downwind, he have to extend downwind.
You can sequence on upwind, crosswind as well.
I hope this makes sense.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or another IFATC🙂

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Oh i see the point. I didnt told you the com and Traffic to follow is on XXX. Thanks. If i com and you the number 2,traffic to follow is on right downwind, after that must i clear you to land? Or is enough with the traffic to follow…? Thank you very much for feedback and com ments.

Welcome! 😊

Sequencing (and the sequence instruction in the Tower menu) is your friend. It is really the tool to inform pilot who needs to follow who.
How quickly/early a sequence instruction needs to be given, depends on the volume of traffic in the pattern, and how fast/tight the circles are. My view: better too early than too late.
Sequencing can be done multiple times, and can be done as often as is needed to clarify (again) who needs to follow who. Depending on how the situation developed, Tower can decide to re-sequence, by handing out new sequence instructions.
Instructions such as Extend downwind and Ill call your base are in principle no sequence instructions.

Whether to cross outbound or inbound, depends on the situation. If you have many inbounds, it’s better to cross the outbound flight path. If you have a pilot of traffic waiting to depart, it’s better to cross the inbound flight path.


So nice response.
So, for example i cleared you first in that situation above, and after i see the Other plane patterning in the inner leg and i see that he will end the cicle much earlier than you. I can chnage the sequence and tell you number two traffic to follow is on right downwind even if you are “first” on the queue. And after that you will asume that the Other plane will land first and you must guard safe distance, or i have to instrucy you to extend downwind?

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Good question!
And @TAI is correct. You didn’t sequence him behind me (or, even better: sequence me behind him).

For every aircraft that is not number 1 for clearance, the following rule:
First a sequence instruction and then clearance


Wow. I am learning a lot.
Sorry for my language. Hope to learn more practicing more :)

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Thank you for the supplementary explanation Anton.

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I am now opened!!!

Hello, you did very well. Shame I was the only one in the pattern. You are watching the ground which is very good and giving appropriate hold position etc. Where possible always anticipate runway crossing it makes it easier for you. You got one of them! After you requested me change to runway two, you forgot to assign a traffic direction after you cleared me for the option which I why I requested departure to the north. Your transition altitude was fine and inbound for landing was correct. It was a touch windy so sorry for my bad landings.

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Thanks for your feedback appreciate. I have one question. In the situation that in mid of pattern the runway that you are patterning changes from orange to red, did I act good changing your runway to 2?.
Oh, sorry for not telling you the direction after clearing you to runway 2 :(.
These feedbacks are really good to learn. Thank you very much!!

I am now closed!

Yes you can ask me to change runway anytime the wind were variable. There may be many reasons why you can ask me to change runway, I won’t necessarily know why but its fine to do that.

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I’m now open!!