Walking Camera

Hi everyone this is my first time using the Features thing so if i screw up don’t be mad at me…

I think Infinite Flight needs a walking camera for the plane. This would entail walking around the cabin mid flight. You could also sit in any seat you wanted and the flight deck door could be openable for you to access it. I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of the limited interior camera modes and the difficult to use free camera. Also until we get things like stairs or jet bridges there could be a separate camera for the ground and ground checks. I would really appreciate your vote. This could go hand and hand with another post which was shared flight deck. You could fly around with other people like carrying passengers or flight attendants. Also if you could share this with your friends to help out.


-Andrew :)

U have got my vote!

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Thanks so much

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Ye no nother son!

Why not just use the Free cam??

Because you can’t use it in flight


Love this! Could it be activated once the autopilot is engaged?

Yes. It would only be able to be activated wen the AP is engaged or on the ground unless you are sitting in a seat.

heres a feature that i actually like, it would be fun doing roleplays and stuff like pretending to be a flight attendent or a passenger

That’s really cool, you have my vote!

We could implement a sort of “walk feature” like how you would walk in Google Maps.

Yes but it would sorta be like Minecraft PE how you move and the hight is adjustable

This is a great idea, kinda like what X-Plane 11 has in the game right now. Sadly I can’t remove a vote, but you got my full support. ;)

It’s ok thank you for your support ;)

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This would be so cool to have. Great request!

I have thought of this many times. Great that you made feature request on it!

I lowkey hope they add this every update

Also lowkey sad it doesn’t have many votes

Lol I’m ded

This is a great request and I’d love to see it happen but firstly

  • it might only be available in select aircraft (maybe even only the CRJ’s).

  • And if not just the CRJ’s then every other cabin of AC’s in IF would have to be modelled as well before this can be implemented.

Thx I j get so tired of staying in the same view for hours on end.

It would probably be in al, of the aircraft with cabins that are reworked but when the other aircrafts get reworked or added it will come with them

This sounds like a great idea! So would it be kind of like Turboprop Flight Simulator?

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I think so. But I dont know what that is so it’s like x-plane.

Edit: looked it up it’s exactly like it but with the IF planes and cabins and you can si in any seat so basically unlimited views