Waking up at 3am has its perks, I guess :)

In my pervious company 3am alarms with 4-430am show for 5-530 departure was quiet common. My current company however, these early am departures are rare.

Hindsight, these flights are amazing. Calm air. Aircraft performance is amazing. Atc frequency is scary quiet even at busy sectors and the best part… the sunrise and seeing the sky color change every min or so.

3am alarm.
345 meet the captain downstairs
4am coffee (in my case cappuccino and oatmeal)
430am sit down and go over the flight. In this case it was from ADS-SDL. We go over weather , what alt we picked and why, go over any and all applicable notams. In this case the briefing was quite brief as weather was perfect overcast layer at 5,000 ft on departure and arrival was clear and miles (typical Arizona weather)
445am preflight
5am pick up clearance and load it into the fms.

And the wait begins for pax.

Pax arrive provide them with a briefing of the flight, weather, ETA and wrap it up with a safety brief. Pour them coffee and any other meals ordered .

Right clear. #2 start…

Fms all set up and GPU hooked. Waiting for pax


Beautiful sunrise greets us.


It’s amazing to see the landscape change going east to west. Somewhere near the New Mexico and Arizona border


Parked right by a 150 in which I got my PPL in SDL



Very Nice! 3rd picture is my favorite, the fog and the cloud with little bit of sun shaft.

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wow beautiful, you don’t get this type of scenery anywhere else!

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What aircraft were you flying?


Amazing! With all of these amazing shots you’re able to get, you should consider treating yourself to a nice DSLR. :)

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I have a lot of pics and it was hard to pick which one I wanted to post. Haha

You definitely don’t mate. You definitely don’t. 😊

I fly both a phenom and citation. In this pic it was the Citation

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In the works my friend. Will be getting the Sony R3 come end of this year 😊

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