"Waked" out of the skies? 😂

On final into KLAX 25R the other day, and ‘captain mody’ was obviously cleared for a parallel final approach? 😁


…Oh dear. My little A321 would have felt that wake turbulence!

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WAKE TURBULENCE!! Just like DINKLEBUURRG😂 no but that happens at lax in real life

Hhahah 😂 AND when I took off from KLAX I had two other aircraft parallel to me!

Hahaha poor a321

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You both were too fast… Only aircrafts without slats (like the CRJ200) have a nose down approach. Try to keep the pitch attitude at +1° during the whole approach.

The runways on both sides at LAX are too close to each other, parallel approaches shouldn’t be allowed.



Lots of checklists online gave me the impression that the approximate landing speed for an A321 is 145 KIAS.

I was a little above the glide, which may be the reason for the tilt.

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Two options:
• The data is wrong.
• The physics of IF’s A321 aren’t accurate.

@htchngs @Laurens Physics likely will be fixed next update