"Wake up, American" American Airlines flight attendants protest

American Airlines flight attendants protested outside of 15 major U.S airports on Sunday over work conditions. The airline’s staff held a major protest 1993, shutting the airline down, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded and had to fly planes empty, this protest 25 years later was similar however it was not on the same scale.

The flight attendants protest was regarding poor working conditions with the employes signs mentioning contract violations, inhumane schedules, the sick policy, and the toxic workplace, however little more is known about the specifics of the poor working conditions. The protest was organized by the employes union and they have threatened to cause a similarly sized protest to that in 1993 if working conditions do not improve. The union said: “It’s unbelievable that we are here 25 years later still fighting for fair and equitable working conditions for our flight attendants. Our members chose this historic date to show their extreme dissatisfaction,”.

Fair to say if a larger scale protest does go ahead it would cause absolute devastation for American. A week before Thanksgiving in 1993 flight attendants caused the whole airline to pretty much shut down for 5 days with president Bill Clinton having to step in to stop the strike and return AA to normal operations only after million of dollers were lost in revnue.

American Airlines Boeing 767 aircraft, it is still used today, full photo credit



Jeez American, I would have expected better from you.

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I don’t see anything going to happen other news agency’s would be on this in a flash if protests where going to happen because all of this stuff is broadcasted this is just one news agency commenting on it

No wonder they have bad customer service.

I have had my worst flight experiences with American. It was comparable to my experience with Spirit and that says a lot about what they’re like… Their planes are crappy (in all of my experiences, granted they do have some new planes), the entertainment was bad and the service was menial. also the music channels were bad :P Anyway, I’m not surprised this happened, they really need to up their game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they filed for bankruptcy in the next 10 years.


I’d be pretty surprised considering that (according to Wikipedia) they have “the largest by fleet size, revenue, profit, passengers carried and RPK” over every other airline.

But I guess that doesn’t mean they aren’t as vulnerable as any of the other airlines…

I have had my best flight experience with American, so they can’t be THAT bad, can they?

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Not Surprised, Its American.

But seeing all of these things happen like AA Flight Attendants on strike shows that it might be a facade. They have the largest fleet but all of the planes I’ve been on were really old. Their revenue likely comes from their overpriced tickets (based on quality of flight) and how they barely pay their Flight Attendants. Passengers is due to their large fleet size which I already explained. All of these reasons are why I give them 10 years.


Exactly, they are a terrible airline in terms of their business practices. Working conditions are horrible, planes are dirty and loud, and there are delays. Lots of Delays.

I fully support this strike, but it can and most likely will get out of hand.

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Its 'MeRiCA

**** yeah!

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Having a enormous fleet and tons of routes can bring issues to the table. Also, the fact that a lot of their aircraft are pretty outdated makes it worse for FAs. I’m pretty confident the pay is crap for the FAs and their schedules are a lot to handle due to the fleet, routes and their frequent delays. My experience with AA was not anything anyone would want. Service was pretty bad and it was delayed of course and I could list many more but I won’t. @Lucas_Brien gave em around 10 yrs till bankruptcy
I don’t think they will go bankrupt but they will won’t improve so much.
I think they will stay in “the hole” and won’t climb out of the issues.

I feel for the FAs and I don’t blame them. What AA provides for them is garbage and they gotta deal with lots of delays. I live in Charlotte and I always see that yellow delay mark by many AA flights. I would not want to see AA go bankrupt or even merge cause either will put a lot of strain for other U.S Airlines especially DL and UA who are already huge airlines.

Only thing I like about AA is their tail logo

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I saw this at CLT the other day when I was coming home to RDU, it sucks they have to go through the long hours and low pay.

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