Wake Turbulence

Hello Everyone,

After spending time on the IF simulator I have noticed that one part that would make the experience even more realistic.


What is wake turbulence ?

Every aircraft generates wake turbulence while in flight. Wake turbulence is a function of an aircraft producing lift, resulting in the formation of two counter-rotating vortices trailing behind the aircraft.

Why do we need it in IF ?

Infinite Flight aims to be a realistic flight sim, in order for this experience to be even more realistic I think wake turbulence would be a nice addition.

We now have A380 on final and a 737-800 3 miles behind it. Due to wake turbulence this would not be possible in real life.

Same example on Takeoff, when a 747-800 or 777F departs a CRJ takes off as soon as the other plane lifts off. This would not be possible in real life.

But how could it be implemented ?

The implementation could be made possible by creating a cone (similar to the ILS cone) that trails the aircraft. In this cone is a certain amount of gusting winds at variable speeds depending on the aircraft would take place.
This would simulate the expansion of Wake Turbulence behind the Aircraft.

I think this would be a nice add on to IF and I hope to get your vote for it.

Thank you.

This would be cool

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Hey there! There is already an existing topic that can be found here for a wake turbulence feature request. You can certainly go vote for it. Be sure to check out the Features category before creating a request. You may find one that you already have in mind.

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