Wake Turbulence

For everyone who doesn’t know what this is: please googel it.

My question, should a Controller take wake turbulance into concideration even if there is no such thing on Infinite flight. Was wandering as I had a sr22 lined up behind a 787…

Give me your thoughts on the toppic?

I guess the IFATC could do this to improve realism…but since we don’t have WT in Infinite Flight as of right now…it isn’t really necessary.

You can go vote for it if you want.

No, controllers shouldn’t take wake turbulence into account, since doesn’t exist in game.

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I know, and I said so in the post, but we can have the plane wait before clearing for takeoff… My question is this ok is it only ok with light traffic…?

I wouldn’t recommend it. People don’t usually like to sit on an empty runway for more than 30 seconds, it’s best to push departures as efficiently as possible.

Ok, i will keep on doing so then. :)

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