Wake Turbulence

This would be a great addition. Hope to see this in IF!

This is a “Rocco idea”

Something everyone would want to see, but would hate to experience.

Much like his flying c:


Going to use my last vote for this :Especially at larger airports you kinda get that feel that you have been taking off behind an A330 for example

That would be a great idea. Yesterday I was a YSSY and it is supposed to be 4 mins after a heavy but (no offense to the controller) he was just sending us up like we are a load of GA aircraft.

This is a good idea. the people will wait before takeoff because they will know there is wake turbulence and maybe stop spamming ATC.

On and, do not say that it is not a priority feature because when the features are importants they take several years to start the development so if it is not a priority, they may have started the development in 2024 :-).

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great idea (:

Omg, this is a great idea, I voted!

RIP Training server


Yeah well that’s actually the procedure for infinite flight; the ATC tutorial videos actually cover this. Since wake turbulence isn’t a mechanic in the game IFATC are expected to not take it into account.

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Voteeed ! 🤘 You have my support !

It’s a very good idea! However it may only work in expert Server because in training server people just spam for takeoff a lot of the time which means it will last longer. But I do like your idea!

Great idea! Unfortunately I am out of votes, but I fully support this idea. It would be great to have this in IF.

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I guess no one ever wants to land or takeoff at the busiest hub of the day?

Waiting for wake turbulence would be better experience for me. I would like it. At the same time i would like to see an arrangement for TS which won’t allow trolling.

Better in what way? Say it’s FNF, and controllers have to give the appropriate amount of spacing between takeoffs and landings. Unless there’s 8 runways, no one is going anywhere. How is that better? Legitimate question. Sincerely, how does that optimize the end-user experience?

I agree with you, it can take so long time, some users will be mad with this feature but how does it work in real life? I would like to gain realistic experience. At ES it won’t be problem because Atcs are already behave carefully for spacing. But in TS, it is necessary and it will prevent cut in lines. Also we need to prevent trolling.


They schedule departures. They schedule windows for landings,

In IF, there’s nothing that keeps an even flow of both to account for volume.


Yeah well can still vote for it.

Sorry but i don’t agree with you. I know many many aircrafts which are waiting at the queue. They are waiting each other and wake turbulence. And there are many flights which have same departure time.

At the end of the day, it comes down to realism vs. user experience in which the user experience should be prioritized. It’s really not practical with the amount of traffic that Infinite Flight has to hold aircraft for any longer than they need to be held. The current spacing for landing/takeoff helps keep the airport flowing and adding another variable will only complicate things.

From my experience, antsy pilots on the ground are not a recipe for success either.