Wake Turbulence

Haha, yes. I can just imagine him spiraling to the floor. Karma is sweet


I just wanted to add something… a lot of times, you may not even notice wake turbulence. It’s possible that your plane may have taken off and dealt with wake turbulence and you barely even felt it (In real life). But it is there, and sometimes it could be pretty bumpy!
Planes often take off 1-2 minutes behind each other.

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It will surely add some interesting scenarios with pilots taking off with too close margin to the plane in front ;)


would really love it. :)


This is a very cool suggestion, as this feature could potentially give Ground controllers more of a role in ordering planes for takeoff in terms of size: (Smaller aircrafts have priority over bigger aircrafts due to wake turbelance). Although saying this, people could complain about waiting for takeoff longer in terms of how big their aircraft is. Personally, this wouldn’t bother me as I feel this makes the sim more enjoyable and realistic. I also feel it would make controllers more cautious on their take off clearance times between aircrafts.


Cool idea for sure. The ATC impact would be kind of large depending how realistic you want to get with real life. For example a small behind a super (A380) taking off from an intersection has a time requirement of 4 minutes.


Just 12 votes? This would make game realism climb to highest degree.

What we need is this feature. It is important in real aviation.


You have my vote. Would be a great addition

This would be a great addition. Hope to see this in IF!

This is a “Rocco idea”

Something everyone would want to see, but would hate to experience.

Much like his flying c:


Going to use my last vote for this :Especially at larger airports you kinda get that feel that you have been taking off behind an A330 for example

That would be a great idea. Yesterday I was a YSSY and it is supposed to be 4 mins after a heavy but (no offense to the controller) he was just sending us up like we are a load of GA aircraft.

This is a good idea. the people will wait before takeoff because they will know there is wake turbulence and maybe stop spamming ATC.

On and, do not say that it is not a priority feature because when the features are importants they take several years to start the development so if it is not a priority, they may have started the development in 2024 :-).

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great idea (:

Omg, this is a great idea, I voted!

RIP Training server


Yeah well that’s actually the procedure for infinite flight; the ATC tutorial videos actually cover this. Since wake turbulence isn’t a mechanic in the game IFATC are expected to not take it into account.

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Voteeed ! 🤘 You have my support !

It’s a very good idea! However it may only work in expert Server because in training server people just spam for takeoff a lot of the time which means it will last longer. But I do like your idea!

Great idea! Unfortunately I am out of votes, but I fully support this idea. It would be great to have this in IF.

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