Wake Turbulence


While controlling at DEN, I thought to myself how cool it would be if Infinite Flight had wake turbulence. While this isn’t something that should be a priority, but it would be nice to have in the future. It would add a whole new layer of realism to the sim.

Wake turbulence varies on size of aircraft, and time/distance between them. Example: If a CRJ takes off and follows the same departure path a Boeing 747 just took a minute ago, they’re guaranteed to be experiencing some pretty choppy wake turbulence. Or, if a Cessna takes off and an A380 takes off behind it 2-3 minutes later, the A380 probably won’t be experiencing much (if any) wake turbulence. Wake turbulence could also be effective in the air, if an A380 is heading west at FL 360, and a 737 is heading east at FL 350, the 737 would likely feel wake turbulence.

This feature would take ATC to the next level, testing their awareness skills. It could even have an add-on to the takeoff command “Cleared for takeoff runway 22R, caution wake turbulence from prior departing aircraft”

The only negative this feature would have is that it could mean slightly increased hold times when smaller aircraft are departing right behind larger aircraft.


If only people will not spam you for takeoff when they are 8th in line for takeoff then this will be smooth.

In support of the idea but there’s a huge atc side impact too with more message clutter


your idea is good

but i’m not fully agree with the turbulences in high altitude (between FL360 and FL350)

they are many videos from airline pilots crossing other flight 1000’ higher or below, and it’s not really the thing …

only at that point, but totally agree with your request for the wake turbulences behind planes

(i will vote when able)


Right. But sometimes it happens when the planes pass directly above/under each other.


If the airport gets that busy, simply tell them to be patient


exactly and even though the patience and professionalism on expert has decreased, you can always ghost people if they spam you on expert


Absolutely love the idea!


not only for departure. it’ll make the final approach more challenging. when many aircraft queue in for final. like in FNF peak hours. just seperrated by few nm on final. and wake turbulence from large aircraft are powerful enough to turn an airplane upside down if not dealt properly. as they swirling winds. would be nice addition though.


Although extremely unlikely, yes, that’s happened once or twice before. But the circumstances all have to be aligned!


Good idea, can’t be too hard to implement either


Hmm i like the sound of this idea… I like myself some extra challenge during landing ;)


Would be great so people flying too close on Live would learn…
Am I right @Thomas


Haha, yes. I can just imagine him spiraling to the floor. Karma is sweet


I just wanted to add something… a lot of times, you may not even notice wake turbulence. It’s possible that your plane may have taken off and dealt with wake turbulence and you barely even felt it (In real life). But it is there, and sometimes it could be pretty bumpy!
Planes often take off 1-2 minutes behind each other.


It will surely add some interesting scenarios with pilots taking off with too close margin to the plane in front ;)


would really love it. :)


This is a very cool suggestion, as this feature could potentially give Ground controllers more of a role in ordering planes for takeoff in terms of size: (Smaller aircrafts have priority over bigger aircrafts due to wake turbelance). Although saying this, people could complain about waiting for takeoff longer in terms of how big their aircraft is. Personally, this wouldn’t bother me as I feel this makes the sim more enjoyable and realistic. I also feel it would make controllers more cautious on their take off clearance times between aircrafts.


Cool idea for sure. The ATC impact would be kind of large depending how realistic you want to get with real life. For example a small behind a super (A380) taking off from an intersection has a time requirement of 4 minutes.


Just 12 votes? This would make game realism climb to highest degree.

What we need is this feature. It is important in real aviation.


You have my vote. Would be a great addition