Wake Turbulence

Hello everyone, it is me Kilikopela I’m back I think that​wake turbulence should be added in expert server,so only the best pilots will have it.

Oh imagine the turbulence from an a380 on ana321 in global 😀

Share your opinions

Hi there, welcome back to the forum.

This has already been requested previously, please use the search function before you make a feature request.

Have a good day :)

The other topic was closed, I flagged it and Misha closed it

Didn’t know he closed it 😂

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I said expert only, up at the top

I somehow missed that

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We could do without it… there are more important things to add.


Would be nice to have. But other things come first.


I agree with the 2 above.

Would be nice to see but there are more important things that should come first. :)


Enjoy increased hold intervals, heightened departure separation, etc. If people eventually have enough patience to wait for three minutes to depart behind a super, then maybe it’ll be considered.


I would if it meant more realism


Not everyone would though, you’re missing the point.


thats why it should be expert only

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Maybe you can give the option if you want wake turbulence or not in your game

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That wouldn’t make sense IMO, well because if one person has wake turbulence on and someone behind him doesn’t, it will create this sort of confusion. The person who has wake turbulence on is waiting in line to take off right after a super takes off, he has to wait 3 mins… But the person who doesn’t have wake turbulence on won’t want to wait and might not know the reason for the person just sitting there. With atc online, we would have to assume everyone has wake turbulence in order to make sure people with wake turbulence turned on doesn’t face “issues” and this could cause lots of delays at busy airports. Just my opinion… 😕


It’s shouldn’t really be an option to have it on or off, it wouldn’t make sense. You could simply deduce how much wake turbulence there is based on the size of the aircraft departing. The ATC would also probably have an idea of when to let you take off to minimize wake turbulence while maintaining efficiency.


A320 taking off 30 seconds after an A380? No no no!

Honestly, this feature will take ATC to the next level, as it’ll test their awareness skills. Also, it’ll obviously increase realism, as this is a major thing in the real world.

And we can even have commands such as “Cleared for take off… wake turbulence from 747”

Another feature that I fully support. 👌


I´d love fighting against wake turbulence, I´d love to see this coming :)

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Thanks very much, I would love the expert server a lot more

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