Waiting Times for VA Applications

Effective immediately, we have put procedures in place when applying for ownership and operation of a VA. Please read below, as this is a need-to-know for continued success in this category.

New VAs

When starting a VA that has not been created before or is not held by anyone else, there will be a two week waiting period for processing. Several steps are expected to be followed throughout the process, of which is listed below:

  1. Submit a one page minimum document to an administrator of the IFVARB in a private message with the mission statement of your VA and how you intend to operate it. The more details, the better.

  2. When the previous step has been completed, create and link a form of media communication in the private message to be used in grading/judging your VA. Websites, FB pages, Instagram, etc, are all fair play.

  3. Once both of those requirements have been fulfilled, the grading process by our board members will begin. This, included with the other required forms, should be completed by the end of two weeks with your full cooperation.

  • If your VA has been denied due to a low score, spend the remainder of the time allotted to you to improve and fix the areas that went wrong and we’ll do another quick check afterwards.

In order to instill some responsibility and pride, as well as allowing us to do the necessary checks on the blacklist, site, and mission statement, the two week period applies to everyone. Your VA is not the only one out there. A confirmation message at the end of the process will be delivered to you with permission to operate your VA from that point forward.

Constructing Separate VAs

If you are one of the people who’ve opened a VA and have been approved, only to close it a week later in favor of opening yet a new one because you “hate it” or rushed in too early, here are the requirements in order to do so:

  1. A waiting period of 30 days after closing your old VA. You will do nothing in between. Simply contact an IFVARB administrator with the name of the intended VA you wish to create. We will then remove your ownership status of the previous VA and put it back up on the roster for anyone who wishes to take it.

  2. Once the one month hold expires, we will contact you and request that you submit a explanation as to why we should let you make another VA. The process will be simpler, due to having gone through it prior. We’ll get the board members to review quickly and sign you off, then you may begin.

  3. If you fail the evaluation, then the waiting period will be pushed back yet another month and the process will be repeated. (30 days = 1 month)

This also applies to people who closed down a VA a while ago and want to apply for a new one months later.

##VA Removal/Shutdown

If, for some reason, the terms of the procedures outlined in the last two points are violated, then you have an option.

  • To proceed with or continue operation, you must have an IFVARB member present in your Slack or Discord group to monitor activity. The moment the environment gets toxic, the VA will be shut down. This only applies to repeat offenders and those who keep renewing bids for VAs.


  • What happens if I decide to close another VA the second time around?
    - The time to wait will be doubled. 30 days will become 60, and so on for each time you want to keep pulling this stunt.
  • Should I be worried by any of this?
    - If you’ve been following the process, no. The whole point of this post is to prevent people from “spamming” VAs that they don’t need. Give everyone a chance.
  • Seems bureaucratic. Why is that?
    • Time. Time is a big thing when it comes to operating on a scale this big. Neo and I are getting bigger and bigger inboxes every day with questions to answer and inquires to reply to. Be patient.

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below. Cheers!


Just to clarify, this goes for any VAs who have had issues in the past also. Don’t be offended if this is the case with your VA, and you get a message about it soon. It is simply a fair balance - we don’t do anything too hasty (or mean) but it also avoids any future incidents. We have seen pretty bad things go down in these types of things and we want to safeguard people where we can. Thanks!


What if a troll group attacks a certain VA? Is there a “refugee” area for VA’s?


Refer to the blacklist post. We have compiled a database of people who have done this in the past and will make it available for VA owners to check out. It’s simple for them to ban a troll from Slack or Discord if they act badly.


and where is this blacklist post cant seem to find it

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Thanks for clarifying this. You guys are doing amazing work!


I know this. However, what would the IFVARB due to help the VA back up on its feet?

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VA CEOs can contact us if they have concerns for now.


To clarify with Neo’s statement, we mentioned it here: IFVARB Arbitration Measures & Blacklist

I’ll work something out with Swift in the future and make an app for you guys to use. For now, just contact us. (Jinx, Jack)


thanks @JoshFly8 and @NEO for clarifying. ill look into it


No problem, we appreciate your co-operation. Have a good day. @Rodney_Buckland

Anytime, Dillion. Let us know if you need anything.


I rather join than create now.


May I just say that your team is doing an astonishing job handling all of the VA’s! I’m looking forward to seeing VA’s running more like actual airlines in the near future. Thank you!


So what happens if the VA we’re trying to make is already under consideration? Do we have to re-submit our request, or do we just continue waiting?


Continue waiting. You guys are fine.

If you’ve still been waiting for a while, don’t hesitate to bump the PM. We’re getting a lot more messages these days and stuff is getting buried way too easily.


Yea, I submitted my VA to @NEO and Ben for assessment before this post was made about 2-3 weeks ago. I won’t annoy you guys because you probably are being swamped with other requests :) take your time!

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Things have been a little hectic since Ben left, we’re getting some new people in. Thanks for your understanding.


Who should I ask about information on all the VA’s currently operating and VA’s in the process of being made?

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@lgsfly You should talk to @NEO about that but there is a full list of VA’s and their statuses here

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