Waiting position for landing

There can quick be kaos when too many planes will land at the same time.
We need a “waiting in the air totourial” or function.
Some pilots get also confused when there are flying at ex. fl230 and there are 10nm to the rwy, and the controller try to get them down to a lower level in a waiting position.
I have experienced pilots get angry or just cut the contact, and make kaos in the approach when I guide them.
It could be nice, if the was a auto waiting function, like the autoland function in the small Airbuses.
Or some totourial in the subject.

Did u mean holding patterns? I think its in the update

Planes in the real world use holding patters to wait for landing slots. Holding patterns are coming in the next update :-)

Nice. Very nice :-)
I’m looking forward to the update.

Den 4. aug. 2016 6.35 PM skrev “Jake_Brimble” <

Tyler did a tutorial

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