Waiting for Flight at MSY

Pretty cool seeing this beast taxi and takeoff…one I enjoy flying in IF…


Nice catch! Looks beautiful!

Come to KPDX. You will catch one departing once every few hours.

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We don’t have the FedEx current livery on the DC-10F, but yes, a real beauty indeed. Hope you enjoyed your flight.

Where are you heading gn to? I just got back last night from a day trip. I went to DFW.

Newark, my home airport. My wife and I spent a long weekend in New Orleans.

KSEA is hooked up with the occasional a300f or a310f

Nice shots, gotta love the MD-11!

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In KSAT they depart around 6 am. I will find a picture of them when I go to McDonald’s as it’s located 1/2 from one of the runways lol.

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SJC sometimes has Fedex A300s I believe and some MD - 11s come by as well.

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