Waiting for better conditions...

Currently circling above EGYM in the London region, waiting for better wind conditions after two failed landing attempts. Took off from EGHH 1 hour and 8 minutes ago in a FlyBe Dash 8 Q400. Wind seems to get calmer, expecting another attempt in around 5 minutes.
Surrounding airports even report heavy gusts. Oh well…

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What? In London? I thought all those airports were E’s in front.

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Typo, I’m used to fly to american airports ;)

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Alright, making another attempt.

Shame! Another go?

No chance, the wind always blows me off the runway on short final.
One more go around and I’ll look for an airport to divert to.

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I’ll come and escort you down ;) which server?

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Come to EGBB the winds are not so bad here :)

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No need to escort, Advanced Server

@BavariaAVIATION… MaxSez. Good post & decision making. Going to an alternate. Very professional thinking. “Do good Work”!


App crashed. Thanks Infinite Flight, thank you.


I saw you disappear! :(

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Shame you were gone. I wanted to capture your landing.
I took off and landed on 24. Earned 320 XP. ;)

I’m in route to EGYM for anyone who cares. In the -

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What were the wind speeds at EGYM?

Sounds normal (?).

Usually, with better conditions, you’ll only earn around 200 XP for one take-off and landing.

Check this: How does XP work?

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