Waited 5 Years for this!

Ever since I joined IF,back in 2018,I had A wish to see the Jet Airways Boeing 777-300(ER) in game,as it’s my favourite aircraft IRL,and today after waiting about 5 years for it,it has finally happened,with 23.1 we have received the STUNNING 9W B77W
I would like to thank all the staff for this(and Air India Express B738) amazing additions,it looks just like the one I’ve been in IRL,as good as it gets! 💯

So,here’s some pictures of the beautiful bird around its Main Hub:-Mumbai!
Parked at Gate V20.

Blasting out of Runway 27,unsurprisingly for London Heathrow(this used to 9W’s most profitable route at A time)

Landing on Runway 09,with the custom Mumbai ATC Tower in the background.

Another one of my favourites got added too!

The Air India Express Boeing 737-800,now this one I’m quite surprised about,as the tail art on it is quite complicated,however the artists have done A wonderful job!

It features the Iconic Taj Mahal on the right side,with the Air India Express font in Hindi

While on the left is the Konark Sun Temple,with the Air India Express font in English

All in all 2 stunning liveries! Great update!