Wait.. What? When? How? Who?

Can someone explain that?


It is possible that the user received violations mid-flight, thus having their grade drop mid-flight.


It is possible that the user got a violation in their current flight, therefore dropping to Grade 2.

Edit: @Zachary we both started our reply with the same 6 words… lol 😂


But He was level 2 from the beginning

You can barely see the XP in the Image

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How can you be sure?

Are you in Beta by any chance?

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No I don’t have beta

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but that TBM is doing 280knts> below 10,000ft in that image? He was most likely demoted to Grade 2 shortly after takeoff with 1 or 2 violations received at that point.


The weird thing is, the user has 44k XP, but the Grade 3 requirement is 50k… and you can’t lose XP… how does he have access to ES?

That’s the point, the what happened moment

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The user is clearly overspeeding at about 9,300ft:

However you are correct in saying 50,000XP is the minimum requirements.

Who knows, maybe the user just got a lucky day and had a first experience on the Expert Server 🤷‍♂️


Did you checked my 2nd picture?

The C130 doesn’t get speed violations so it cant be that. But it is really weird that the XP doesn’t match up maybe he is on an old version with lower Expert Server requirements

Oh right I was thinking it was a TBM, my mistake 🤦‍♂️

But If he is in an older version he couldn’t play In Live Mode. I’m right?

Is there any way he is still on 19.4 where the requirement is 40k XP 🤔

Grade requirements are updated without a store update I believe.

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True, the 20.1 requirements updated 2 weeks before 20.1 itself

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