Wait Time Poll on Feature Additions

A thank you to @Nathan for helping me come up with this poll.

Hello IFC.

So as you know, when FDS releases a new feature in Infinite Flight, the feature is usually only added to one aircraft. Take wing flex for example. When the 787 released, it was the only aircraft to have it. From that point on, every aircraft that was released had wing flex on it.

However, the community has been begging for this feature to be added to every aircraft in the sim since the 787 update. But we all know, that would take a much longer time to do. This leads me to my question. Would you rather…

  • Wait longer for an update to be released if it meant one feature being added to every single aircraft in the sim
  • Wait a shorter time for an update to be released if the feature was only added to one aircraft

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I would wait longer, because I have actual patience unlike some people. Yes in an ideal world I’d like everything to be released within 5 minutes but that would mean compromising. I’d rather have an amazing plane with amazing liveries, physics and features than 100 sloppily made aircraft.


Your poll would fit better here:


By this point for how long we’ve waited for Global I dont think anything could make us quite as impatient anymore so really after Global FDS can take as long as they want to implement a feature into every aircraft. It might also be wonderful to see them do updates in the future not to include new aircraft but instead do a feature update where all that is updated is the implementation of new features, kind of like how Global will be a mere feature addition update rather than an aircraft addition update.


My thoughts exactly. If Global can take this long, I have absolutely no problem with them taking their time to add 4K textures, cabin lights, wing flex and opening doors to every aircraft (that has those features) in the sim.


That would be nice after the Global update, but we have been waiting for an update for a long time and I don’t want anything to delay it.

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I believe @FlyFi is talking about post Global updates here. Of course everyone wants to see Global come out as soon as possible.


Of course. I understand that #1 priorities right now is Global.

I thought there already was wing flex?

Wing flex is not on every aircraft.

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Global and aircraft development are 2 separate teams, a delay in one doesn’t mean a delay in the other

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I love having a constant quality with every aircraft released.

The greater is it that quality improves from update to update xD

@FlyFi. MaxSez: Donnie and all you Authors out there; may I suggest you use a more descriptive Topic Title in future. I don’t like to waste my time guessing content! Had this on been titled “Wait Time Poll for Feature Additions” or some such I’d have passed it by! Gooday.

That’s actually a better title, thanks. I always try to come up with the most descriptive title. I just simply didn’t think of that one.

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While it takes patience for an update to come out, I’m sure the process will be better to do details at a time rather than pig and fatten the update.
As one plane feature at a time is added, it sends the focus to one aircraft. This way, you’re excited to see the next feature when it gets released.

i know. that’s the purpose of my entire answer.

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