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Hol up

Visible Confusion

What are you talking about?

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This is just a tiny thing to do with the rendering of objects in aircraft. Lots of parts have ‘one sided objects’, meaning it is only visible from one side and not the others.

This is most likely to save rendering and the amount of storage the aircraft has to take up/use. I doubt it is an issue nor bug.


Is that the 380???

This is a CRJ.

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No it’s the CRJ 900

On the outside, it shows a view straight to the lavatory door. But inside, there is actually a box covering the window

Wait what was the purpose for this topic lol? Also if you wanted to report a bug it should be in #support not in #general.

Wait what, I put it on the contributors tag.

Again, it seems not an issue so should not be in #support

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When making topics like this, it’s really important to provide as much information to your question or problem as possible. That way we can help you accordingly