Wait a minute... Why is there an Air Austral A380?

So I did some digging…
Air Austral has never and doesn’t currently operate any A380s… (they wet leased one, but that hardly qualifies for an IF plane… I’m not seeing any other wet leased aircraft on IF)
So someone want to tell me WHY it’s on IF?

The livery was added because they had ordered the A380, but they canceled the order.

Edit here is a link to prove it.


Well, same story with Transaero’s A380. They ordered it, but later canceled it and went bankrupt.


And Transaero 747-8’s which they ordered iirc are being transformed as new Air Force Ones

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It’s mess, just ordering shouldn’t be a reason to add them into the game as if it was happened in real life. Instead, there could be more liveries which are currently existing in real life. Order is order, buying is buying…


Orrrrrrrr you could just be thankful for an extra livery? What’s the point of them removing it?? It’s an extra livery for a plane why would you complain


That’s an older version of aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet. Remember this is a small company, the company has grown and improvements/additions have been made through the years but other works from years back might have had different influences and resources. The great thing is we all can select or not select the aircraft we want and enjoy the app. As you can see, releases since Global was pushed out are much different than before. I think the devs and staff are working hard to improve in many ways. Not perfect but striving for perfection along the way while showing dedication and commitment to its user base. Hope that helps :)


I believe that devs and staff is hardworking, i was curious about current status. In older versions it can be normal but it shouldn’t continue now. You have explained and now things are OK. Just an addition, i would like to see more local liveries from all countries. Even my votings list xd.


No, realism is important.

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If you don’t like the livery… don’t use it. Problem solved. No one’s forcing you to fly with it. I don’t like the Transaero livery for the 747-8… guess what? I don’t use it when I fly the 747-8.

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Also, I completely agree that realism is important. But, I would rather the devs spend time on an upcoming rework for older models like the a330/a340/whatever plane they’re working on, or even the replay system, then take time out of their lives to remove a livery just because it ticks a few people off to see it in the selection menu. Who knows, some might actually enjoy the livery and want it to stay.

How those “Realism is key” people annoy me, I mean, of course it’s important, but it’s a simulator, not real life, if it would be real life, then only few people with licenses would fly Cessnas, but here you can fly an A380 and no one gives a damn because, as I later pointed out, it’s a SIM, not real life
P.S. If mods say to delete this message, I’ll do it without any problem


Please you can understand me. Realism is important and it doesn’t mean real life procedures.

In real life, yes you can’t be a pilot easily. And here you can fly a380. This is not a subject.

Realism means, for example:

Turkish Airlines hasn’t got A380. And A380 is not profitable for airline. But if you add Tirkish Airline A380 into the game, many people will use it and it will make me upset. I know it doesn’t exist but there are a few A380s somewhere. It can transform the game to a fantasy game.

Infinite Flight is a simulator and a game.

Game side: You can fly aircrafts without license.
Simulator side: Current fleets, rules etc.

Turkish Airlines doesn’t have A380. AnadoluJet doesn’t have A320.

Pretty sure realism means realism…

My point is, a sim will never be able to be fully realistic, especially on mobile. The app can’t make you get a PPL to fly a Cessna.

So, we have to settle for selective realism. And I’m perfectly fine with that. And who knows? Maybe the Air Austral livery WILL be removed in future just like the space shuttle was. But, as I said in post above, I think the community in general prefers their sub money going towards larger projects like full reworks/big updates rather than debating over a few liveries.


That’s already what i am trying to say. There could be some wrong liveries but in the future we should take care for realism.

I was worried until Levet has explained. And i see that devs are looking to save realism in the future. And i am Ok with this choice.

In the past, there can be some wrong liveries. Because devs weren’t so professianal like today or community wasn’t huge enough. Might be they thought that Air Austral ordered A380 and they would come. Might be devs forgot the cancelled orders. There can be a few reasons.

But important thing is guarding the realism in the future. I guess so many people will be anxious with unrealistic fantasy fleets.

After the explanation about old versions and new vision, everything is OK for me.

Fantasy fleets? You mean liveries first of all and second this does not matter the Devs know what they are doing. Instead appreciate all the hard work they have done!

So you are saying i’m not allowed to recreate one of their test flights from when they first leased them because it isn’t realistic I’m sorry for not flying the proper aircraft shucks. If only certain liveries weren’t missing like the American A330s or American airlines airbus retro jets or perhaps we should get rid of all US airways planes because they merged and no longer exist or get rid of some Virgin American aircraft after their partial merger with Alaska so when they are done being repainted we won’t have to worry about breaking the realism. Or maybe we should get rid of the FedEx DC10 because it’s in the old livery? Should we? These developers not only develop what they can or make some things better and even some things we want, but i’m sure they work hard on getting certain licencing agreements made to have the aircraft in the first place and are going to make the most of us happy. Removing an aircraft immediately after its retired isn’t the best thing for business because there will almost always be nostalgia behind some aircraft.


I did an Air China flight from Raleigh Durham International to Shanghai once because my city has high demand for it and I just wanted to see if we could use a 777-300ER to make it and sure enough it did. It isn’t realistic but something my airport wants but logisticly and monetarily can’t up and carry out in real life for fun so I used the sim. A perfect example of using a sim to do something unrealistic but realistically possible.

Infinite flight themed livery doesn’t exist in real life… but I use it here.

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For that matter there are planes on this sim/game that do not fly anymore, guess we should take them out as well for the sake of realism. Can’t be seen flying around in old aircraft.