Waco bound

I decided to fly to Waco, Texas.
Waco is a city in between Dallas and Austin. Fun fact Waco makes in excess of 75 percent of the worlds Snickers Bars and is where Dr Pepper was invented.

So I flew a CRJ2 from KDFW-KACT. I cruised at 10,000 feet and the duration was 20 minutes.

Takeoff from KDFW

At cruise

Quick descent then level off later to final

Hey put your seatbelt on!

Airport in sight

A slightly firm touchdown then taxiing to the gate

At the gate


Nice, Like them thanks for sharing

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You have learned well. You are not necessarily supposed to “grease” it.


It was a short runway and with the terminal nearby I decided to just put it down more firm in order to get to the gate.


For a second I thought you landed on the taxiway because of your spoilers. Anyways, nice pictures!

Awesome! Been to Waco a few times myself IRL. Next time head over to Austin or KGTU (me home airport hehe)😉

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Fun fact that town is where “American [reality television] series about home design and renovation is filmed with Chip and Joe “Fixer Upper”

Back, on topic nice flight, nice photos, just this is lovely

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No, I try to take a picture in replay but can’t find the pics anywhere and the camera says 81%. So I take the pics in real time. I wish I knew how to fix it but I can’t. From what I have been told name tags are against the rules 😐

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I try to put in some facts with my posts now. Perhaps people will be interested 😃

Thanks for that! I never knew those stuff

Nice pictures. With the construction on 35 you are better off flying… :)


Yep, everything is being build up. San Antonio and Austin and farther north are expected to double their population by 2040.