VZ-9 Avrocar

This would be a fun thing to have in the game when helicopters(if ever) are introduced. It’s just something silly that was produced in the 50s and (sorta) worked


Uh, so what exactly is it?


Something the air force said would go supersonic. If I’m right, and I havnt looked in a while, but its powered by three turbojets, and all the exhaust turns that fan in the middle. The intention was for it to be some sorta super sonic fighter

I nearly mistaken it for a UFO, if it was one it would be the only aircraft AR_AR would use.

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I was thinking of him when I posted this xD @AR_AR

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It really looks like a UFO

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This is absolutely required. If this is not added in next update I will leave forever.


Why? You can’t even fly above 50ft and go faster than 35mph.

Cus its ridiculous. Itd be hilarious to watch

It never went higher than 4ft and wasn’t controlled easily. It would not be good on IF but hey, an improved version may be coming sometime

bumping this because this would be outstanding to have!

This… is weird. Voting for it


this is what cameron was secretly leaking on liveflight all along. we need this

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a little* video about this mysteriously amazing aicraft

*by little i mean 20 minutes

This is so funny haha

I bet $20 that Laura is actually flying a VZ-9

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It is, and another guy is gonna takeoff from FACT to HECA with the same. But I dont understand anything, if this aircraft is not in the game

It is a replacement aircraft on LiveFlight that is used when aircraft in IF do not match the code of the aircraft for LiveFlight. Basically beta flights and the Nordwind glitch. It also could be a Pogo or an Aerocycle.

I just seen a pogo lol

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Dont mind me just entering jfk approach in that