Vx and Vy

Just found out about these two (variables?) today, and I’m wondering what should I do with them. I know what they both mean (Vx being the best angle of climb and Vy being the best rate of climb), but I would like to know when these (variables?) come into play. I would also like to know how to find them.

I put “variables?” in parenthesis because I’m not sure if it’s the right word for Vx and Vy. Could someone correct me?

You use Vy to clear an obstacle on takeoff, such as trees, and during STOL, not too sure about Vx.

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Take a look at this


That was a very helpful link. Does this only apply to general aviation?

I don’t think so, but I would think airliners would have different procedures.

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How should I find Vx and Vy?

It is normally stated in the POH.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the help.

@SirPilotOfAviation. MaxSez: I lov it when you get down in the dirt with technical fact reply’s with Source back up. We need to see more professional reply’s like this one on these pages. Well Done Pilot, BZ


(“POH”= Pilot Operating Handbook” similar to a cars drivers manual. A POH and a Log Book come with and stay with every airframe)


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