VVTS on Expert Server taxiway groundless glitch.

hello , just minutes ago i was flying on the expert server on vvts and the taxiway conecting the head of runway 25L has a glitch of some sord on the type that the ground is there but becomes traspassable
can any one help me with that?

@schyllberg this is a time for your superman powers
It’s best if you wait for him
He knows how to fix that kind stuff also

Make sure you have a strong connection
Exit out of the app and then log back in
Clear Cache

Make sure you try those things maybe they will fix it

i evem got a violation by going -12,000 feet underground at an ridicoulous speed

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I know what you are talking about.
I solved the problem by closing out the app completely, logging in again, and spawning at a random airport as a test.
After that, the glitch didn’t happen.

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Definitely a corrupt terrain issue. Go into your setting and click clear scenery cache. If that doesnt work exit out of the app ans try again. As for your violation a staff member should handle it


Are you on the latest Infinite Flight version? (Version 18.02.)

This is not a rare occurrence, falling through the ground can happen and as soon as it does exit the flight to avoid receiving any violations. Don’t bother doing the clear cache just end the flight and restart the app completely.

yes of course bro! im running it in an iphone 5s

Just to make sure: Could you please open IF, click on the little “i” (-About) in the bottom left corner and send us a screenshot of what you are seeing?

it says

You are on the latest version. Try the solutions that my fellow pilots mentioned above.

thanks , you are all wonderful people guys , thanks a lot ,
as of now i shall be trying out the troubleshooting process mentioned above

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