VVNB Runway

With the recent airport improvement, Noi Bai’s international airport runway 11R-29L seemed to have been remove from the game. I was wondering if this is intentional because there is always 11R-29L in usage for takeoff at this airport. Some taxiways has also been cut off plus the airport diagram is looking a little rough. Is it an issue for me or does anyone else also only see one runway and a very “choppy” airport diagram.



This issue has been noted already and the editor assigned to this airport is currently working on it to add the runway back. I cannot give you an estimate as to when the fix will be available.

IFAET Manager


Alright then! Thank you so much for all of your guys work on airports and making the game more enjoyable and realistic.


I know because I was the one who did it last year but I can rest assured next month 11R / 29L will come back and the entire airport will be redone.

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