VulicityHD’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NZAA

Hey all! You know how fun it is having approach online and being vectored? Well come to NZAA and fly some radar patterns and help me get better! I’ll be open at NZAA on the training server and I will be using 23L for the purpose of this. Fly inbound or after departure, request an ILS, VIS, or RV. Come help me out!



I may come stop by.

I’d appreciate it!:)

Feedback S5-BIR:


• with my initial vectors on the ILS, I don’t get why you put me at 5000ft from that distance. How close I was from base there’s no point putting me so high, just to put me back down 1min later on base. 4000 or 3000 would’ve worked perfectly fine, in this instance.

Not quite sure what happened with the intercept, seems like you completely forgot about me there 🤷‍♂️.

• I called the MA cause that reverse was not gonna work. It went quite well, although seemed like you turned me downwind a little early there… best to aim for 5-7nm on the downwind for ILS approaches.

If I were you I’d use 3000ft for the intercept, 4000ft is quite high at this airport and would need a longer downwind to make that. Barley made this intercept but luckily just got it.


• would avoid using 500ft intervals if I’m not VFR… 1500ft was quite low anyways and 2000ft would’ve worked perfectly. Other than that one small thing, the visual was done perfectly.

Amazing job man! These are things that i just noticed that can easily improved… thanks for the service 💯


Thank you so much for the feedback! Will take it into account. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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tag me next time you open the frequency

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hey guys I’m open back up at NZAA! come do some radar patterns! fly inbound or do some patterns. runway 23 in use for the purpose of this! @Yukiros_31

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