Vulcan Bomber

I would really like this legendary aircraft which is extremely big in IF I went on a tour inside it a year ago and it’s really cool



That Wing is great

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I totally agree great aircraft should definitely be put amount the aircrafts on IF 👌🏻👌🏻

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Hi legofigure1,

thisone has been requested already. but fell free to add to it so hopefully we can get the devs to puch her through.

Take a look at my thread above.

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Imagine the cockpit view for the Vulcan lol.

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This looks like a military concorde LOL :)


It’s not easy to put new aircraft in the game…

There is a lot copyright issue, need getting approval, license etc…

But that one is in general.

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You are not far wrong! The Avro Vulcan uses the same engines as the Concord ( 4x RR Olympus)


Seeing as this plane can’t fly in real life anymore due to saftey issues. I think it should be In IF just so it is remembered.


That is a very cool bomber

It was a nuclear bomb carrier in the falkland war. It never dropped any but got VERY close. It also did heavy bombing runs mainly on enemy runways

Sadly the devs dont care for military aircraft :(

…yes there are only about 6 different military aircraft as well as a few “civvies” available in military colours including the recent C130…so I would say that they DO have an interest in Air Force planes as well!

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Is mainly that there is not many RAF planes

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Wasn’t safety issues was due to lack of maintenance availability and useages

Well it is kinda the fact that if the engines stop it can’t glide to the ground. And that only the pilot and co pilot have ejection seats

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The only important people anyway :) 😂 no only jokeing

Huge Bump! This plane is the Spirit of Great Britain!

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