Vueling livery issue

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Hello everyone. 👋

I just noticed that the Vueling livery had a issue:

Under the tail, the black points are missing, too big.

Is it because of the graphics resolution, or a livery bug?

Here is the proof:

Credit 2
Credit 1


I thinks that’s just how the livery is, you’re just in a specific angle so it looks broken. But it may as well be a rendering problem because of your graphics settings.

To me it looks like the dot size is realistic, but they are just missing directly underneath the aircraft, so the ones one the edge are stretched to go to the other side.

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As far as I am aware the livery is/was on these ‘older’ planes designed in a 2D way and then put onto the 3D model. Very though to model the circles on the tail. I do agree they don’t look really right though.


Yeah that sounds more logic.


Oh and also this is not the first time that we’ve seen livery mistakes in fact they’re a lot!

But just have patience, I’m sure they’ll make an update to correct this and many more liveries that have mistakes.

I support you, it needs to be fixed

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