Vueling Airbus A321

Who agrees, that this is an awesome livery? It would be a great addition to the A321 <3


Yea i flew ones with the airline and its a realy hood airline, i love the livery


We already have the A320 livery! So let’s not be greedy here!

By the way, (if it’s not your photo)
Because of copyright issues please may you put that it’s not your photo

Thanks! :D

If it says “PLANESPOTTERS.NET” at the bottom it’s most obvious that it is not my photo!
And the vueling A321 is a nice livery, so why not adding it to IF??


Vueling is an awesome livery. I would love it to be added to the A321, but don’t you think the liverys that don’t exist in IF should be added? :)

In my oppinion only the major airlines should be added (the bigger their fleets the more planes of them should be added)

(Only my oppinion) ;)

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Agreed! IF can’t add every single airline, but every country maybe?

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Yes! Full support! ;)


It looks great!
So does the A320.
I have flown with Veuling a couple of times.
Oh, and this is my picture! :)


Great photo! This plane needs to be cleaned hahaha

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It is pretty dirty.
You can still see the reflection of the piano keys in the rear fuselage though. ;)

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WOW! That looks amazing!

Look at that 2°-3° pitch attitude dear IF A320 pilots.

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I need to bump this amazing looking plane request is such an hoooot looking bird and my love for airbus sharklets just make it greater

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Oh yea, I’d love to see it one day 😍

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Sadly I’m out of votes

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    I want it !!!!  YES !!!  PLEASE!!!
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Would be definitely a great addition to the A321 fleet in IF

LH A321 should come before ofc ;)

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Hey mate, full support, it looks awesome.

Afterall, you are entitled to put in a ‘feature’ request, as is everyone else.

Stay classy @mbmhwue148.



the most seen aircraft at Orly aswell, yeah could be fun between BCN-ORY

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