Vueling A320 sharklets

When they showed a picture of the vueling a320 sharklets i was very happy but after the update i saw vueling A320 withouth sharklets.i would really love to see the Vueling with sharklets.

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They changed it back to fences because most of the Vueling A320’s have fences instead of sharklets.


Sadly though

most jetblue planes don’t have sharklets and no air france planes have sharklets, TAP maybe, they should have kept the sharklets on fueling, it looks uglier now unfortunately.

A lot of JB A320’s have sharklets. Not everything is accurate. Just deal with it. :)

But the aircraft on IF (EC-LUO) has sharklets :(

They aren’t all accurate, I’m sorry.

Matt has confirmed in the next update the fueling will have shark lets

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Thanks for the info.
I was a little disappointed as well when I saw the screenshots showing it without sharklets.

Is there a picture somewhere?

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I really hope to see this being fixed:)