Vueling A320 landing at EGLL

This livery is quite nice, but it would be improved if the winglets version was added to Infinite Flight.

Comment for any improvements I should make.

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Change the title back if I was wrong, but that looks more like Vueling than Volaris.

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I wrote Vueling. I´m sure of it.

Lol. Maybe it was autocorrect. I changed it for you.

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Couldn´t have been that because I made the topic on my PC. Maybe I was thinking about something else while typing.

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Thats was a perfect landing !! :)

The A320 is the easiest to land smoothly IMO.

Auto land is it

No autoland. This was done purely hand flying the aircraft.

If it would’ve been auto land the glideslope would’ve been in the very middle, not going up and down.

Okay sorry my mistake but congratulations it was an Amazing landing

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