Vueling A320 Disney livery

Hi guys. I know the Vueling livery is in the game already however I was at El Prat (LEBL) airport and saw a Disney livery on an Airbus A320. I know this may not be as popular as some others but I would just like to see how many people agree with this plane (EC-MLE): image


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This is such a cool livery but I’m pretty sure Disney has a very strict copyright rule enforced so adding this to any simulator can be hard. This would be very cool to fly though!


Same reason why some Star Wars livery didn’t get added

Needs copyright permission. Unlikely.

OOF. That’s sooooooo sad. I loved Spain BC it was my second home. And to not see this is even worse :(. Hope some votes will come in at least

While this is a great livery, it unfortunately cannot be added due to copyright. Same reason why the ANA, Star Wars livery, and Alaska Disney liveries can’t be added.

Don’t forget to vote for your own topic!🙃

LOL I forget that. More votes could help, but I guess this is pointless :(

The OP don’t necessarily have to.

If I recall correctly, all liveries in the simulator are licensed under fair use (look it up if you don’t know what it is). This would be the same with any Disney livery, however, it is rumored that Disney can be a bit more protective of their content and isn’t worth the resources to acquire.

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Disney is very strict on these things

Lol demonetization

I’m just sitting in my study watching my IFC

I think there may be some copyright issues with this livery. Anyways, in my opinion; I think the livery is plain and lacks colour.

Thank you for restating what I had already said.

I wanted to chime in and shed some light on how licensing works, but instead have watched this pile on form with each reply being pretty generic in nature.

LOL that is the thing. You make a topic, it can go good OR bad. In this case, BAD :(


A Star Wars livery might be more fitting tbh

I mean, I just wanted to know how to build a feature request, and what to improve on. NOT THIS :(

Yeah, I agree.

This is a incredible livery! It would be very hard to add this I’m afraid. 😬