Vueling A320-216

Hello everyone, it would be nice if there are a A320-216 of Vueling (The difference is this one has not sharklets and different engines).

Link: EC-KDX Vueling Airbus A320-216 Photo by Severin Hackenberger | ID 932449 |

About Vueling:

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No reason to flag in my opinion. But I would recommend to vote for your own feature.

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I didn’t have a free vote for this, I will remake this feature request if a have a free vote.🙂

I flagged for closure.

All right, was just meant as a recommendation, no worries.

But the topic is fine otherwise.

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I forgot to add more informations about this plane.🙂

True, but you’ll improve over the time if you realise your mistakes like you do!

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