VTG group is looking for Staff...

The VTG Group has two airlines:

Venture Airways
Great Mountain Air

I’m not trying to spam the forum, as other airlines have been doing this and I need to advertise my airline this will be the official application and indeed staff and pilot thread and will be the final thread created for the VTG group for all the current airlines, and any future airline…

Currently We have many position available at the VTG Group Executive Office itself:

President of the Venture Group: @Plane6
Vice President: Vacant
COO: @Hari_Sims
Website Manager: @Bluepanda900

At Venture Airways we have:

CEO/Founder: @Plane6
Website Manager/Editor: @Bluepanda900
COO: @Hari_Sims
Route Manger:

  1. @TheCuriousPilot
  2. @Plane6
    Codeshare Manager: @Giacomo Lawrence

At GMA we have:

CEO/Founder: @Plane6
Website Manager/Editor:
COO: @TheCuriousPilot
Route Manager:

  1. @Plane6
  2. Vacant
    Codeshare Manager: @Qantas_Pilot

Other positions:

Photographer: Vacant
Advertisement Team: Vacant
Fleet Management/Matinence Executive: @Plane6 @NismoKits

Pilot Oppurtunities*:

*For more info on hours go to the threads of the two airlines please.






Fleet Directors: @NismoKits

All Vacant (All Aircraft)

Matinence Directors:

All Vacant (All Aircraft types and types of matinence)

Thanks and find out more on the thread we will be having an event later tonight and possibly tomorrow hopefully, thanks… Bye everyone, thanks and good luck, we can’t wait to welcome you to the Venture Family, also follow us on Instagram and join our Slack, thanks and have a great day or night wherever you are, may be, and live, bye:)

😀PLEASE PM me if you have any questions and I will send you an application…

Or DM thanks bye…:)😀:)

Good Luck!

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Thanks @Vietnam_Virtual

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Congratulations to @NismoKits who was just hired as the Fleet Director and Co-Fleet Manager for the VTG group.

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Please welcome @Hari_Sims a new pilot and COO of Venture and the VTG group.

@Hari_Sims Welcome


Thanks for that welcome to @Hari_Sims


Thank you :) glad to be here !


Thank you :)

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Your welcome:)

image @Plane6


Maiden voyage :)

Thanks that’s very nice for Ventures Inagural Flight and personal event @NismoKits, @Hari_Sims, @Plane6

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It was great!:)😀:)😀😀😀😀

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