VTBS to WSSS (parallel landing!)

2 posts in one day! This flight I had from a few days ago. From Bangkok to Singapore. This flight was a really easy and smooth flight and even at the end I had a Parallel landing with @Cpt-Paul!

Flight info:
Route: VTBS - WSSS
Callsign: Singapore 695 heavy
Aircraft type: Airbus A330
Cruising Altitude: FL370
Mach: 0.84
Total Flight time: 2h16

At Gate in Bangkok with a Thai B777 getting ready to taxi behind @sgt_line

Take-off from R19R with a DC-10F inbound

Cruising at FL370 over Singapore

Beautiful photo taken by @Cpt-Paul ! A beautiful parallel landing!

At gate in Singapore

Enjoy the pics!

Which is your favorite pic?
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Great pictures!

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Nice photos, but you can only post once every 24 hours in the #screenshots-and-videos section

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Will I delete this post? Or was this just a warning I don’t mind deleting it:) I didn’t know it was only 1 topic per day I’m sorry:(

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No, it’s all good! Made that mistake myself before. I believe the mods will just close it once they see it.

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Ok thanks man! I know for the next time:)

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No problem! You can DM me if you have any other questions :)

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