VTBS to PHNL on board the A330-900

I was looking for some random flights into or out of Honolulu when I found that AirAsiaX flies from Bangkok to Honolulu. I went ahead and chose the obvious aircraft for the flight, the A330-900. I got all ready on expert and took off at 1 am MST. The flight was just over 10 hours with 8:30 of those hours being over the ocean.

A few pictures of the aircraft before boarding.

Flying over Da Nang. The last time I’ll see land until I get to Hawaii.

Flying past Kaua’i as I start my descent into Honolulu.

Due to strong winds from the west, 26L was the only runway in operation for landings.

After a nice soft landing and long taxi, I finally made it to my gate, F1.

Here is my route. There was a solid tailwind that stretched all the way from India to Hawaii that helped make this flight go by a little faster.

Here is a video of my takeoff, landing, and Qantas 127, @Xavier_Villanueva, taking off towards Sydney.

It was a great flight and a fun approach into Honolulu.


Well done on that landing! That look great, and the approach looked fun, I should try it out sometime

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Nice job! I feel like the AirAsiaX A339 is an underutilized aircraft!

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Even IRL PHNL reverse ops are looking like kai tak lmao 💀

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They do?

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Sort of. They resume flights between the 2 airports in September this year

Huh, I thought it was just Osaka to Honolulu that was returning, I guess not

Actually, I think I’m wrong. I must have misread it when I was looking at it on Honolulu airport wiki

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