VTBS-RJTT Flight @ VTBS - 121745ZMAR20

Thai Airways a350-900, Thai airways 747, Japan airlines 777, ANA 787


17:45 Zulu time

Training server

Cruising speed: Mach .85

Cruising altitude: 32000 feet (climb at 2500 vertical speed)

Even though this flight is in the training server, please stay professional at all times. Enjoy the flight!

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Hello please follow the guide lines for the category

I think i did

Your title is a bit off, I’ll change it for you and show you what the mistake was :)

Ok thanks ;)

Do you want to join?

How long is the flight time?

About 5 hours 30 mins

I don’t think I can then. I may be able to provide you with Air Traffic Control services if you want?

Also, just with the title, you should check this out:


  • Flight Title : The summary of your flight. Keep it short!
  • ICAO : The 4-letter airport code the flight’s significant location. (e.g. KDEN)
  • DD : Day of the month (e.g. 18th of June = 18)
  • HHMM : Time of your flight in Zulu time (e.g. 1pm CST (UTC -6) = 1900)
  • Z : Simply the letter ‘Z’ to indicate the time is in Zulu time
  • MON : 3-letter abbreviation for the month of your flight (e.g. January = JAN)
  • YY : Last 2 digits of the year of your flight (e.g. 2015 = 15)

I’ve done it already for you but you should remember this for next time.

Its fine. ATC would be awesome though

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I edited my topic and added the title. Let’s avoid writing the same thing please :)

My flight number will be Thai airways 642 if you want to track me

Thank you, I will

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@MrAirplaneGeek Will do, let me know when you depart.

@TylerShah I actually gave the correct format first, there’s no need to bring it up again. :)

I am departing in about 10 minutes

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@TRDubh and @TylerShah,
I am spawning into VTBS airport now, so I won’t be able to make any further updates. Thank you!

What’s ur call sign?

my callsign is Thai 642.

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