VS moves to zero when APPR mode engaged during descent [#1320]

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20.02.00 (459)

Device Information

IPad Pro 3rd generation
IOS 13.6.1


When approach mode is activated while plane is descending to a AP set altitude, VS speed automatically goes to zero and the descent stops prior to reaching altitude set in AP. Descent only begins again after intercepting the GS.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Be in a descent (below the GS) using AP (not using VNAV) when turning to intercept the localizer
  • Activate approach mode

Expected results

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After activating approach mode, aircraft continues descent at set VS until reaching AP set value and then levels off

Describe the actual result
VS in autopilot immediately goes to zero and descent stops

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More Information

20.02.00 (459) APPR Activation


Galaxy A70
Android 10
20.02 (982)

Is this a problem or just a new feature?

Might be a problem with the sim in general. It happens in any aircraft to me even on 20.1.

But I was able to reproduce

iPad 12.9
IOS 14.0.1
20.2.0 459

Able to reproduce. Happens above and below Glideslope. Tried it in 20.1 and didn’t have it happen to me

iPad Pro 11in (2018)
iPadOS 13.7
20.02.00 461

Wasn’t able to reproduce

American 3005V
Iphone SE (2020)
IOS 14.0.1
20.2.0 459

Edited OP to add video of Beta vs. current release version

I would imagine a problem. It would be an issue for radar controllers if all aircraft arrested their descents when APPR mode was activated prior to reaching the cleared altitude. Most pilots would not resume their descent to the cleared altitude likely creating separations conflicts.

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Reproduced twice during TT sessions.
Note: aircraft must be descending while activating APPR in order to produce this issue

Callsign: CHEER-UP
Account Linked to IFC: Yes
Device: Galaxy A51, Android 10
Version Information: 20.02 (982)