VS at higher ALT

Hi, I’m new to IF and read a lot of Posts, Profiles and Fuel Burn Charts. But I dont know what VS I should use when I’m climbing at higher altitudes. Is everything under 1000 ft/min good? For example climbing from FL300 to FL330.

Thank you if you can help!

Can :D

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Here’s my personal reference guide I use to climb.

VS 1500-2500

VS 1800-1200

VS 1200-900

< FL350:
VS 1000-500


Thank you very much! I appreciate the answer :)

Personally, I pitch for speed. I will set my throttle to 10% below takeoff power and my VS will be whatever number allows me to maintain the speed that I want.

As my altitude increases, my VS will decrease I order to maintain the speed I want. This also seems like a more efficient way of using fuel as your always using the same amount of throttle, only moving it slightly if needed


Im usually using 777, VS in 2500 at takeoff, after reaching FL100 down to 2000 and after FL280 down to 1800

Thank you Drummer, I use this method too as the IF YouTube Channel suggested in their “How to fly…” But do you still fly manual in higher altitudes like FL300?

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Thank you for the numbers!

He doesn’t mean flying completely manual - flying on autopilot (except for speed) and continuously changing V/S to maintain speed and N1

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Ohh… I understood. Thanks Benny

On most occasions, I set autopilot in stages with HDG/LNAV coming on first. This will happen once I’m established on my SID.

After passing 10000, I turn on ALT and VS mode. I manually will change to VS to keep speed.

After reaching cruise that’s when SPD mode turns on. This keeps the climb fun


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